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    Upgrade Car Alarm
    Original factory remote+additional transmitter 
    Direction Light Blinker Learning(Mode B) 
    Emergency light detection(Mode B)
    Central lock/unlock signal(Mode A/B)
    19 Programmable Funtions

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1). UPGRADE CAR ALARM(With Orignial Factory Remete) 
Mode A: Detecting Signals of Door Manual Switch 
Mode B(Universal): Direction Light Blinker Learning 

2). Car Alarm with Additional Remote Hopping Code 
Operation with Original Factory Remote: 
Panic Mode; 
Electronic Trunk Release; 
Bypass Shock Sensor; 
Operation with Additional Remote: 
Mute Arm/Disarm; 
Panic Mode; 
Vehicle Location; 
Electronic Trunk Release; 
Channel 3 (CH3); 
Bypass Shock Sensor; 
Bypass Other Sensor or Door Triggers; 
Anti-carjacking by Remote; 
Programming New Remote Control 

System Funtions: 
19 Programmable Funtions; 
Passive Arming(Programmable); 
Passive Arming with Door Locks (Programmable); 
Bypass Shock Sensor; 
Passive Arming with Brake(Programmable); 
Passive Door Locks with Ignition ON (Programmable); 
Passive Door Unlocks with Ignition OFF (Programmable); 
Channel 2 (CH2): Dome Light/2-Step Disarming; 
Channel 3 (CH3): Power Window Raising/Momentary Output; 
Reminder for Door Openning (Programmable); 
Dual Stage Shock Sensor; 
Ultrasonic Sensor (Optional); 
Valet Mode; 
Anti-carjacking by Doors (Programmable); 
Anti-carjacking by Ignition (Programmable); 
Anti-carjacking by Remote (Additional Remote Only); 
Desactivation of Anti-carjacking; 
Manual Emergency Disarming; 
Programming of PIN CODE; 
LED Indicator; 
Resetting the System