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One Way Car Alarm-OW007-US05

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    Hopping Code Technology 100% ANTI-SCAN 
    With ultrasonic sensor 
    Compatible with 3/4/5 buttons transmitters 
    Negative central door lock interface(-) 
    Support ultrasonic sensor or microwave sensor 
    16 programmable functions 
    3 Anti-carjacking modes(by Ignition/Doors/Transmitters) 
    Audible and Visual Warning

    Brief description:

    Car alarm with ultrasonic sensor 
    Variable code 
    System 3 or 4 channels 
    Door locks & door unlocks 

    Hopping code technology, anyi-scan 
    2 remotes, 3 or 4 channels, blue LED 
    Ultrasonic sensor 
    15 programmable functions 
    Door locks and unlocks from remote control 
    Ignition lock doors 
    3 modes anti car-jacking (Puerta, transmitter, ignition) 
    Programmable of new transmitter 
    Aux Channel 2 (dome light/horn output) 
    Aux Channel 3 (power window raising output/momentary output) 
    Automatic arming (programmable ON/OFF by jumper) 
    Automatic armed with/without close insurance (programmable) 
    Automatic reassembly 
    Trunk release 
    1 pulse/double puses ADD/REMOVE insurance (programmable) 
    Alert lights when open doors( programmable ON/OFF) 

    Kits included: 
    1 main moduel 
    1 untrasonic sensor and cable 
    2 transmitters, 433.92Mhz 
    1 valet switch 
    1 LED indicator 
    1 relay 
    1 siren 20W, 6 tone 
    1 installation wiring harness 
    1 user manuel 
    1 color packing box


    Micca color box or OEM box